Folk powerhouse pair The Small Glories are Cara Luft & JD Edwards, a dynamic duo planted on the Canadian Prairies.  A self-professed “study in contrasts,” Luft’s folkie yin proves a perfect match for Edwards’ rocker yang.  Thrown together purely by accident for an anniversary show at Winnipeg’s venerable West End Cultural Centre, The Small Glories is a partnership that could almost make you believe in fate.

Straight out of the gate these two veteran singer/songwriters built a buzz around their tight harmonies, authenticity, visceral live performances and equally well-matched guitar prowess that doesn’t come around often. Luft packs a mean banjo as well.  The Winnipeg Free Press asks, “can two singer-songwriters be better than one? Yes, emphatically, yes, if the two in question are Cara Luft and JD Edwards… It’s our loss they didn’t [join forces] sooner… It’s magic.”

Their 2016 debut album “Wondrous Traveler” is steeped in classic song structure, delivering instantly appealing melodic Americana with first-rate playing. The album found its way onto many critic’s Top 10 lists across North America and Europe, and The Small Glories are finding themselves on stages from Vancouver to London and beyond. Together, Luft and Edwards are a musical tour de force, a case of 1 + 1 = 3.

The Small Glories



The Small Glories 

Juno Award winner Cara Luft has earned a solid reputation as an exciting live performer, accomplished guitarist (she has been invited to perform at the prestigious UK International Guitar Festival), clawhammer banjo player, and insightfully honest songwriter. Her style of presentation combines her appealingly infectious personality and wild sense of humour with mesmerizing songcraft. As Former AD of the Winnipeg Folk Festival Rick Fenton points out, “Cara’s voice, songwriting, guitar playing, energy, passion, fire, sense of humor, and zest for life make her a great addition to any festival lineup.” Popmatters notes, “Luft is the perfect blend of lightness and gutsy rock chick,” while Wildy’s World describes her as “a master songwriter and performer.”

Fronting the JD Edwards Band since 2006, JD is a versatile singer/songwriter who has earned praise far and wide for his down home, straightforward songwriting style and superb vocal ability in a variety of genres, from country and blues to folk and rock.  A rivetingly energetic live performer and prolific songwriter, JD is a seasoned road warrior. “He’s one for the books,” notes Richard Flohil, “a great talent and a lovely guy.” No frills, JD is the real deal.